Our career-defining programs range from 3 weeks-36 months


Course detail
Available dates
Flight Operations/Dispatch course-evening 6th August, 2018
Flight dispatch refresher course Available on request
Aircraft Maintenance Engineers  6th August, 2018
 Instructor Techniques  

21st May, 2018

Flight Operations/Dispatch course- Day (full time) 6th August, 2018


Technical stores management 27th August, 2018
Basic airport fire fighting TBN

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The co-operate aim of the training courses offered by MATC is to produce graduates who are capable of serving in the Aviation Industry effectively in both private and commercial operations.  MATC training is therefore targeted to create a platform (necessary facilitation) to that effect.

On graduation, the student will be qualified in accordance with, but not limited to the requirements of the Civil Aviation Regulation and therefore shall be:

  1. Equipped with the knowledge relevant to the liences and/or ratings sought from the CAA.
  2. Able to undergo the CAA knowledge examinations for the different licences sought
  3. Able to undergo proficiency examination to renew their lapsed licences.
  4. Equipped with knowledge relevant to their day to day operations for purposes of improving efficiency and safety and, or inducting them into the Aviation Industry.

All courses conducted by MATC are done in the English Language.   When there is doubt on the student’s ability to communicate in English, the student shall undergo a compulsory basic Aviation English course provided by MATC.

Students with no or a weak mathematics background shall undergo a compulsory Aviation Mathematics class, otherwise the courses are designed with the assumption that entering students meet the standards established for individual courses:


All humans have natural ability to do certain things, with or without formal training.  These abilities differ from one person to another, sometimes expressed in form of talent. In this generation of scarce resources, it is important that such abilities be established to guide career decision and hence efficiently allocate resources.  Research has proven that students who recruit for the particular careers in line with their natural gifting always demonstrate enthusiasm and excel more than those whose gifting is different from the career choice.

At MATC we utilise aptitude tests to establish and therefore offer career guidance to our applicant before committing their time and resources  into training. Although more concentration has been put on Aviation Career, our aptitude test bank covers a range of professional career disciplines